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Excursion to Schilling Beer Co. Oktoberfest


Sébastien Paradis (CEO) and Gabriel Dulong (Master Brewer) had the great opportunity to discover the New Hampshire during the Oktoberfest 2019.

When our friends from the microbrewery Schilling Beer Co. invited us to Littelon for their annual Oktoberfest, we did not hesitate a second and went on an excursion! Direction the New Hampshire with our bikes, our Cap Citra and our Lederhosen.

Follow Sébastien Paradis (CEO) and Gabriel Dulong (Master Brewer) on this hoppy tour in this article or watch our inspiring video:

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It's the perfect opportunity to see the mountainous landscape of New Hampshire and meet the microbrewery communities. For Sébastien and Gabriel, there is nothing like discovering this corner of the country by adding a mountain bike excursion. First stop: Kingdom Trails in East Burke where our two friends will make a few bike rides.

After a few tracks, we head to Littleton where we will assist to the Schilling Beer Co. Oktoberfest the next day!

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When a microbrewery of Blainville finds itself presenting its beer miles away from home, there is no need to tell you that there's a great sense of pride in it. On the Oktoberfest day, our Brewmaster and our CEO were able to introduce our Cap Citra to the community of microbrewers invited.

If you do not know it already, our Cap Citra is a hybrid beer between a Season and a IPA at about 7% alcohol with a lot of 100% Citra Hops. IPA enthusiasts will be more than happy to learn that it has as many hops as in our well-known IPA du Nord-Est. Brewed once a year, it is a beer that is loved by Boréale.

And speaking of being delighted, we were quite happy to discover the positive reactions on our Cap Citra. To share, to exchange with other brewers on what we do is an incredible opportunity. To have the chance to showcase what we do here in Quebec with them is even more so.

The microbrewery community never ceases to impress us with its "we are together against the big guys".

DSC01709 1

With this trip to New Hampshire coming to an end, we must say that the hopping notes of our Cap Citra already give us the taste to leave soon for the next Boréale adventure!

To watch our previous adventure in Oregon, it's here!

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