Since 1987

Founded by Les Brasseurs du Nord, Boréale, like its emblematic polar bear, is a force of nature. Its beers are a testament to Quebec craftsmanship.

Innovating with every sip

Flavours of the North—from our tank to your glass. Drink one to your health!

For more than 30 years, day after day, beer after beer, Boréale has been helping people unleash their wilder side. It’s been brewing natural beers since day-one and was the first brewery to introduce the Rousse to Quebec. Always innovating, Boréale takes major strides toward green packaging and practices. Want to learn more? Check out these history highlights!

A green brewery


    Natural beer

    The quality of our beer is in the quality of our ingredients, and we have Mother Nature to thank for those. That’s why minimizing our environmental footprint has always been a priority. Our beers are 100% pure malt, which means they’re made exclusively from malted barley. The malt is what gives a beer its colour and flavour — in other words, its quality.



    Les Brasseurs du Nord recycles or reuses most of its waste our microbrewery produces. For example, we give local farmers the grain we produce during brewing so that they can feed their animals.


    Expansions in the respect of nature

    In 2006 during the enlargements of our microbrewery, we transplanted over forty mature trees in order to lay the foundations. Cutting down a forest was simply out of the question! We even went so far as to modify the construction plans to preserve a hundred-year-old tree that would have been in our new microbrewery.

Gabriel 1193 f1

Our master brewer

Gabriel Dulong loves brewing. His passion for hops led him to become Boréale's brewmaster in 2014. It's his dream job!

Relais Boreale brasserie

Relais Boréale

The Boréale experience exists not only in our bottles but also at our microbrewery.

Relais Boréale is a relay race for your taste buds. Run the gamut of exciting flavours and unleash your wilder side.

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