Relais Boréale

Relais Boréale, located inside our brewery at Blainville, is the perfect place to taste our exclusive beers, fill up a growler, grab some bottles / cans, or shop a piece of clothe!

Beers available at Blainville's Relais Boréale


Beers available in growlers (MAJ 28/01/2020):

  • Belge des Champs (6.5%)
  • Rousse non-filtrée (5%)
  • IPA du Nord-Est (6%)
  • Pilsner des Mers (5.2%)
  • Pale Ale des Bois (5.1%)
  • Scotch Ale du Nord (7.5%)
  • ISA des Chutes (3.7%)
  • Double Blanche du Lac (6.1%)

Beers available in bottles / cans :

  • ISA des Chutes (3.7%)
  • Pale Ale des Bois (5.1%)
  • Pilsner des Mers (5.2%)
  • Double Blanche du Lac (6.1%)
  • Belge des Champs (6.5%)
  • Scotch Ale du Nord (7.5%)
  • Gamme classique : Blonde, Blanche, IPA, Dorée, Cuivrée, Rousse, Noire

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    Discover flavours both old and new at our microbrewery. Blainville-situated, the taproom even serves up several exclusive brews!


    Refill your growler

    Reusing your growler is both mindful and flavourful—it’s ecological, economical, and encourages you to discover (or revisit) our many offerings.


    Buy our beers

    A relay certainly makes you thirsty. Thankfully, we’ve got everything you need at our Microbrewery! Quebec's favourite beers keep you hydrated throughout the seasons.


    On-site boutique

    Display your true colours with our accessories. Join the Boreal community and proudly showcase your wilder side.

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