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IPA du Nord-Est cans wave

Where to find the IPA du Nord-Est?

The new wave of cans for February is underway!

The IPA du Nord-Est is the Episode where our Master Brewer was inspired by our neighbors in New England to develop a beer perfect for fans of hops. The result: a pale, veiled IPA with fruity aromas and moderate bitterness.

Our IPA du Nord-Est will introduce you to a bouquet of powerful, fruity and exotic aromas. Peaches, pineapple, mangoes ... it's all there! On the palate, it reveals a silky and soft texture. A juicy and excessively fruity whole will conquer your taste buds. The balanced and slightly bitter finish invites us to extend the trip!

Find out when the Northeast IPA took us to Oregon!

Here is the list of retailers holding our IPA du Nord-Est, our Tourbillon Polaire and our Tropique Nord:

** NOTICE: The following delivery dates are for the Tourbillon Polaire. The IPA du Nord-Est and Tropique Nord may have been delivered sooner.**


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