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Par Maghalie Rochette

Many of us have seen our summer season turned upside down due to the pandemic. For me, this is an opportunity to go on an adventure with my bike and explore the region. My fondest summer memories have always been associated with walks. Whether it's during family outings to the local creamery or during my training. Surprisingly, despite my many walks, I always manage to find new paths in the Laurentians. Our beautiful region is so special! That being said, I wanted to invite you to discover my part of the country.

Here is a challenge of 5 cycling circuits in the Laurentians that will certainly make you smile with pride when finished. It is well known that the right challenges often end up being our best stories to tell at the end of the day over a good beer!

The 5 circuits that I propose to Free the Bear in you are right here:

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1. Free the Bear in you ... in Val-Morin


The first route leaves from Val-Morin station on the Petit Train du Nord. On arrival, you will find a parking lot on the lake near the starting point. Here, I offer 3 different routes:

  • 51km
  • 72km
  • 82km

The 3 circuits have different types of paths from asphalt to gravel and dirt roads. In Val-David, you will leave your original route in order to head towards St Lucia. The 72 km circuit includes an additional loop in the region of St. Lucia / Lanthier. Then, the 82 km circuit adds a big climb. (One of the steepest in the Laurentians) The region of St. Lucia is wild and the roads are very quiet. At times, you will be surrounded by several lakes and forest.

After having completed your “ride”, the Mexican restaurant “Le Mapache” will allow you to satiate yourself. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


2. Free the Bear in you ... in Morin-Heights


The second circuit starts at Basler Park in Morin-Heights. Here I offer you 4 options. These are actually 2 circuits (45km or 71km), but these circuits include a road or adventure option. The journey begins with a must-see in the city of Morin-Heights: the Aerobic Corridor. We cover a few kilometers on this gravel bike path before going for a ride on Chemin Jackson. We end with a tour of Lac Notre Dame where the dirt road is very quiet. Here, I wanted to add an “adventure” component. If your heart tells you, 2 of the circuits offer to go through a small path to get on route 329, Chemin du Lac Echo. If you prefer to stay on the road, you can follow the tour options marked “route”.On your return, the Vaillancourt Market, a few minutes walk away, will refresh you with good Boréale beers, ice cream or more. If you are looking for a more complete dinner option, Chez Mickeys restaurant offers good sandwiches and salads.


3. Free the Bear in you ... in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts


The third trip starts at the old Sainte-Agathe train station, along the P'tit Train du Nord.

I offer two circuits:
  • 46km
  • 73km
These circuits are mostly on asphalt and follow quiet roads bordering beautiful lakes and landscapes. A good challenge awaits you in both circuits since there is a good hill halfway.

To end the day in style, you can always go for a swim at Major Beach, in Lac-Des-Sables.

4. Free the Bear in you ... in Sainte-Adèle


In Sainte-Adèle, I offer two circuits:

  • 56km
  • 82km (the same circuit to which I added an additional loop)

Both journeys leave from Gare de Mont-Rolland, on the P'tit Train du Nord. The routes present a mixture of asphalt with some gravel insertions.

To end your getaway in style, I offer you a swimming option at Lac Rond with a Double Blanche du Lac!

5. Free the Bear in you ... in Saint-Sauveur


The start here is in the parking lot of Mont Saint-Sauveur. On the other hand, I suggest you visit the Milles-Îles region, then the Canton of Gore.

I have 3 circuits for you, and since this is the last one, none of them is considered "short". I therefore propose:
  • 59km
  • 72km
  • 73km (a circuit that more adventures on the beaten track)

The Township of Gore offers magnificent views. You can see pretty farms there and the roads are beautiful.

To end the day in style, I suggest a stop at the Maestro for a good beer!


How to download the circuits?

All the trips presented above are made on Komoot. You just have to click on "Export Ride to GPS" and the .gpx file will be downloaded to your computer.

Then you can put it in your bike computer (different method for different brands of computers), and let yourself be guided!
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