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Boulangerie Guillaume: a passion for local products and great bread

The badass baker

When they started Boulangerie Guillaume, Guillaume Vaillant and his partner Valériane were looking for an adventure that would combine work with the things they love. Guillaume studied social sciences while working part-time at a bakery, but had no idea that his passion for dreaming up breads would turn him into a successful entrepreneur. Only after years as a bakery employee did he realize that, in starting his own, he could set aside quantity and focus on the quality. Guillaume’s sworn mission, unsurprisingly, is to offer baked goods of the very highest quality, made from the best ingredients, by the best bakers, in the good old-fashioned way but always with a touch of innovation.

Guillaume Vaillant, owner and head baker of Boulangerie Guillaume, shares Boréale’s passion for local products, and for great bread that follows all the right rules.

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