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Hors Sentiers Available all year

Alcohol-free IPA

Boreale IPA Sans Alcool cannette
IPA Sans Alcool Verre
Boreale IPA Sans Alcool cannette

A bittersweet IPA that can be enjoyed anytime.

Our alcohol-free IPA is without equal. This generous India Pale Ale can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Alcohol-free and unfiltered, this India Pale Ale has everything to please Boréale enthusiasts and IPA lovers. Brewed with the craftsmanship of our master brewer Gabriel, this thirst-quenching beer is overflowing with hops and can be enjoyed at all times.

  • Since
    December 2020
  • Type
    Alcohol-free IPA
  • Alcool by volume
    < 0,5%
  • IBU


Citra and Mosaic
Hors Sentiers IPA Boreale

How to taste

Our alcohol-free IPA is a perfect example of balance. With an impressive amount of fruity hops, paired with a malty and thirst-quenching body, this beer is a natural fit for people who are looking for balance in their lives.

  • Temperature
  • Flavors
    Notes of ripe mango and pineapple.

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