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Dame Nature Fond Ecran 1920x1080
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Dame Nature

3 D Can Dame Nature
Pilsner Des Mers verre 1
3 D Can Dame Nature

Ich liebe Bier!

The episode where our Master Brewer takes us to Franconia with a Kellerbier.

Reminiscent of a freshly baked baguette, this thirst-quenching beer is the perfect marriage between flavor and simplicity. Its smooth body, dry finish and balanced bitterness will have you draining your glass much faster than you think.

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  • Since
    April 2022
  • Type
  • Alcool by volume
  • IBU


Hallertau Tradition, Pearl
Pilsner, Vienna

How to taste

This veiled Lager is characterized by its notes of honeyed bread crust with a light herbaceous bitterness. A perfect thirst-quenching beer for the arrival of nice weather.

  • Temperature
  • Flavors
    Fresh bread, honey, noble hops

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