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7 new beers

When a pandemic hits our community and Quebec’s economy is slowing down, at Boréale we roll up our sleeves to continue doing what we do best: brew good beers.

We therefore took on the challenge of releasing 7 new innovative beers designed in collaboration with local artists and artisans. It is a project that allows us, in our way, to encourage local businesses and to make you discover the richness of our Quebec talents.

Here are the launch dates:

-Beer # 1: Week of April 20

-Beer # 2: Week of April 27

-Beer # 3: Week of May 25

-Beer # 4: Week of June 1

-Beer # 5: Week of June 22

-Beer # 6: Week of June 29

-Beer # 7: Week of July 6

Regarding the descriptions of the beers and the sales point, these will be added below as the project progresses.


Today, we are proud to present the first beer of this project: LA TRAVERSÉE! Hoping that it can accompany your exceptional moments at home in the coming days!

BEER #1 – La Traversée

True to its style, this Black IPA will surprise you with its flavors of roasted malts which are usually found in black beers as well as these very sharp hops, typical of American IPA. Besides, it will take you with its notes of taste to make you salivate: well-bodied espresso, subtle notes of burnt caramel and dark chocolate. In the mouth, we let ourselves be surprised by its honeyed body, its frank bitterness, and its small resinous side!

Sans titre 8

Style: Black IPA

%: 6.8

IBU: 80

Hops: Chinook, Simcoe

Local artisans:

Blend of organic coffee blended for espresso from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia from Humble Lion coffees and wildflower honey from Intermiel.

Label produced by: Cécile Gariepy


Vague abc


La traversee DGIJ


La traversee L


La traversee M 1
La traversee m2


La traversee NPQR


La traversee s1
La traversee s2


La traversee tv
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