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Stone Hut: a great beer for a great cause


In a previous life, our CEO Sébastien Paradis worked for the company Burton. During his time there, he became friends with the company’s founder, Jake Burton, a big snowboard enthusiast – and an equally great philanthropist.

Following the recent passing of his friend and mentor, Sébastien came up with the idea to create a tribute beer, with all profits from the beer going to the Chill Foundation, created by Jake and his wife, Donna Carpenter. The Foundation’s mission is to help troubled youth realize their potential through boarding sports.

This led to our all-new beer, Stone Hut. A beer that brings people together and captures Jake Burton’s fun-loving side and no-holds-barred love of boarding sports. It takes its name from the mythic Stone Hut often frequented by Jake. An old stone cabin perched on Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak.

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Jake Burton, a beer guy?

Not as much as you might think, recounts Sébastien. “Let’s just say he wasn’t crazy about IPAs. He was more into mild beers.” Stone Hut was created to pay tribute to his personal taste. The result? A slightly hazy, easy-drinking and refreshing blonde that’s not too bitter. The malt and hops are allowed to shine. The mouth displays the hay and grain flavours of the Pilsner Malt, which are joined by floral notes from a small quantity of hops added during the brewing process.

The Stone Hut project was also the perfect opportunity to partner with Vermont producers Peterson Quality Malt and Champlain Valley Hops. “When we presented the initiative to them, they immediately jumped on board and were proud to be chosen to take part.” explained Gabriel Dulong, master brewer at Boréale. “For our brewery, it was important to use Vermont ingredients, the state where Jake Burton lived, to create this new beer.”

A chill beer for a super chill cause

Another great reason to enjoy our all-new Stone Hut brew: all profits from its sale will go to the Chill Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Jake Burton and his wife, Donna Carpenter. Created in Vermont in 1995, the foundation helps young people develop personally through snowboarding. To date, over 25,000 youths in 16 cities across North America have benefited from the Foundation’s programs.

By creating a positive environment that offers them plenty of positive reinforcement and camaraderie, the Chill Foundation allows young people in need to reach their full potential. “Snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and paddleboarding are special in that they provide a very personal trajectory. Above all, you learn to push your limits,” explained Lauren Madden, Chill’s Marketing Director. “The values instilled in young people through boarding sports (such as patience, courage, perseverance and resilience) can then serve them for the rest of their lives when they are faced with other challenges.”

The Stone Hut project will allow us to pursue the charitable mission started by Burton’s founder and to make a difference in the lives of young people. That’s Sébastien’s greatest wish in any case: “I can say to myself that if Jake could only see this now, he’d be proud of what we did.”

Our Stone Hut is available now at certain points of sale in Quebec, and all profits from the sales of the beer will be donated to the Chill Foundation.

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New creations

Épisode - L'Invitée Surprise

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