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New creations
New creations

''Ceci n’est pas une bière de fille''

Collaborative beer

In March 2018, ten women from the Quebec brewing community took part in a mission in Vermont aimed at discovering and understanding the best practices of breweries in this region in order to be better inspired by them. The tour allowed women from here to meet other women in similar positions and learn about trades, mostly held by men.

It was during this trip that a real friendship was created between these women and the idea was born to brew a collaborative beer in their image. This first edition is launched on March 8, 2021, at the same time making it possible to mark International Women's Day!

In solidarity, a scholarship will be given to a woman from the industry so that she can take training at the Institut Brassicole du Québec. For information: IBQ - Institut Brassicole du Québec - Devenez Brasseur

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This special brew was made by nine women working in the beer industry in Quebec.


Head of communications and philanthropy at Éducaloi, beer expert and blogger.

Katia has always loved beer, but she entered the brewing world in 2007 as a communications specialist for the Montreal World Beer Festival. In 2010, she created the blog Katchouk: Bière - Trotter Gourmande in order to tell the story of her brewing journeys and to lead the curious to discover the world of beer. Since that time, she has read a lot, she has taken courses and refined her taste, so much so that today, she is also interested in beer and food pairings, gastronomy, the pleasures of the table and tourism. greedy.

Host, editor, columnist and speaker, she multiplies the platforms to tell the story of beer and restore it to its nobility.

Katia bouchard


Marketing and Communications Director, Les Brasseurs du Nord - Boréale.

Érika has a bachelor's degree in public communication from Laval University. She first worked for 10 years as a major brand manager for major advertising agencies, including Cosette. Then, his epicurean side gradually led him to work in marketing for catering and food processing companies. In 2015, she made the jump to Brasseurs du Nord - Boréale where she headed the marketing department. She finally discovers a world full of innovations that allows her to use her creativity and know-how.

Erika godbout


Beerologist, La Barberie - Cooperative working microbrewery.

Curious and passionate about cooking, wine and beer, Geneviève studied in several fields including catering and human resources management. Since 2008, she has been working at La Barberie, a cooperative of which she is a member-owner and where she has held various positions. His natural enthusiasm only increases when it comes time to work as a team and pass on his knowledge and love for beer.



Coordinator, Association of Quebec microbreweries.

Caroline has worked in the Quebec media since 2002, where she began her career as a cameraman-editor. Over time, the opportunity presented itself to jump in front of the camera and she got the bug right away! It didn't take much more to convince her to make all the necessary efforts to carry out her program on Quebec microbreweries: Ça va brasser!

Today, in addition to hosting the television show Vacances Nature, she has several projects in the fields of communications and beer. She works with the Association des Microbrasseries du Québec as communications, marketing and convention coordinator. She is also involved in several organizations in the brewing world such as Le Bières et Saveurs de Chambly and La Soirée des Brasseurs in Shawinigan. While pursuing her career in the media world, she is still passionate about the microbrewery industry and its artisans, and is constantly on the lookout for new information to hone her knowledge.

Caroline leclerc


Director of Operations, Boswell Brasserie Artisanale.

Having held various restaurant positions since his adolescence, it was in 2008, within the dynamic St-Bock brigade, that his interest in the microbrewery was born. Following a master's degree in Literature and a fairly free exploration of the Quebec brewing world, in 2016 she joined the Boswell Brasserie Artisanale team. For the past two years, she has held the position of Director of Operations.

Anne sophie


Production Supervisor, Les Brasseurs du Nord - Boréale.

Caroline, began her career in the brewing world at Les brasseurs sans gluten, as supply coordinator in 2016. During that same year, the Glutenberg group opened its new baby; the Oshlag Brewery & Distillery. Her significant involvement in the new microphone earned her the position of Plant Manager in 2017. Thirsty for challenges and new projects, Caroline joined the Brasseurs du Nord team in 2019 as production supervisor where she continues to this day. involvement and knowledge sharing.

Caroline Ruel


Co-owner, Microbrasserie St-Pancrace.

Native of Baie-Comeau, Karine is co-owner and founder of the first north-coastal microbrewery. With several years of experience in catering and tourism project management, she is responsible for the development and operations of the microbrewery Pub. For eight years now, the St-Pancrace team has given itself the mission of producing, promoting and marketing distinctive brewing products representative of the North Shore region.



Co-owner, Microbrasserie du Lac Saint-Jean.

She is co-owner of the first microbrewery in Lac-Saint-Jean, which opened in 2007. She has three children and another large family, that of the microbrewery with its 15 full-time employees and 50 in the summer. She manages the on-site sales of the boutique and the restaurant, as well as on the distribution network. She is also involved in local cultural events.

Annie st hilaire


Co-owner, À la Fût Microbrewery.

A communications graduate from Laval University and a DESS in marketing communications from HEC Montreal, Marie-Claude worked in a few large advertising agencies in Quebec and Montreal before returning to start a family in her native region, the Mauricie. In 2016, she joined the family of cowboys at Microbrasserie À la Fût as communications manager, then as a coop member. She also participated in the founding of the Route des Brasseurs de la Mauricie in order to highlight the richness of the brewing terroir of her part of the country.

Marie claude


The Pink Boots Society is an international non-profit association that helps, inspires and encourages women working in the alcoholic beverage industry to further their careers and further their education. The members of the Pink Boots Society get together, put on their pink boots and brew their chosen style of beer, in collaboration with different breweries. The Pink Boots Society then shares the profits from the sale of these beers with the various players who participated in their making. These revenues ultimately allow the creation of scholarships.

One of its annual events is the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day®, a special day where members create a new blend of hops that they then use for the following year.

4th Edition Pink Boots Society Hop Blend

From the start, the Vermont mission group was interested in using the Pink Boots Society 4th Edition blend including Cashmere, Ahtanum®, Citra®, Loral® and Sabro® hops. This exceptional blend showcases tropical, herbaceous, woody and citrus aromatic characteristics.

The use of this hop blend was made possible thanks to the initiative of Gabriel Dulong, master brewer at Boréale and Luc Beaulieu of Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), a global supplier of 100% farmer-owned hops. , responsible for its sale.


The name:

  1. The expression "girl's beer"
  2. Phonetics
  3. The use of negation that leads to inclusion

The name is a huge snub to those who use the expression "girl's beer" to refer to a beer that is uninspiring, tasteless, uninteresting, low in alcohol, fruit-based, or… pink in color!

The name also refers to a beer style abbreviation (NEIPA) as in "This IS NOT a Girl's Beer!"

This is not a girl's beer ... it's a beer for everyone!

The master brewer:

Of course, the concept of “collaborative brewing” represents a real challenge in the midst of a pandemic! As it was impossible for us to travel, we asked Karyn Bélanger, Quality Director and Brewmaster at Boréale, to represent us!

With a Bachelor of Science and Technology from Laval University, she held several positions at Labatt for 16 years. At the same time, she completed a brewing training at the prestigious "Institute of brewing & distilling" in England. Following her journey at Labatt, Karyn worked in various roles for Rise Kombucha, The Alchemist and Geloso.


Beer information:

Style: New England Indian Pale Ale (NEIPA)

Alcohol level: 6%

Size: 473 ml can

Availability: find a point of sale here


The artwork on the label was developed by illustrator and artist Pauline Stive.

In reference to Magritte, the "portrait of women" mosaic was chosen to demonstrate inclusion and diversity. The pink-mauve color palette is also a snub to the phrase "girl's beer".

Among the unknown faces, can you spot the one of the 9 women who participated in this project?


This project would not have been possible without our master brewer Gabriel Dulong as well as our Marketing Director Érika Godbout.

Thanks to Yakima Chief Hops for giving us access to the exceptional Pink Boot Society hop blend.

Thanks also to the Association des microbrasseries du Québec for organizing the mission to Vermont and coordinating the scholarship.

A huge thank you to the microbreweries and craft breweries of Quebec who recognize the importance of women's work in the success of the brewing industry over the past 30 years by allowing them to train, learn and perform.

Finally, thank you to these men who surround us, who support us and who create respectful workplaces where forces come together rather than oppose each other.

Finally, thank you Audrey! We greet you!

Hors Sentiers
New creations

Hors Sentiers

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