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Vieux Bois: a passion for the environment and recycled wood

Reusing the past to build the future

Alexandre Raymond always knew that if he was going to be happy, he’d need a job that was good for the planet. His career was going well, but his values and desire to do something for our precious earth were drawing him away from an industry that he felt was too harmful to the environment. He dreamed of woodwork made entirely of recycled materials. He wanted to be the only craftsman to take apart original structures in order to reuse them. And so, Vieux Bois was born. Alexandre and his team travel the province looking for old barns and other buildings to pull apart in order to recycle the materials and create stunning original pieces. Hence their motto: “Reusing the past to build the future.”

Alexandre Raymond, heritage renewer and founder of Vieux Bois, shares Boréale’s passion for the environment, recycled wood, and quality handmade products.

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