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New creations

Collab: the Sierra Yakima

Boréale and Dunham for the 30th anniversary of the AMBQ!

In 2020, the AMBQ officially celebrates its 30th anniversary!

With the circumstances, it's more important than ever to point out how far the microbrewery industry has come! For the occasion more than 20 microbreweries

decided to create new beers to commemorate the 30 years of our association!

Boréale has therefore partnered with the microbrewery Dunham to brew a brand new beer: the Sierra Yakima.

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The Sierra Yakima

It was during one of our trips to the Yakima Valley in Washington that this great collaboration was born. Between his hop searches, our master brewer Gabriel and his travel partners, our friends from Dunham, had an idea: brew the AMBQ commemorative beer together!Result? A New England-style American Pale Ale. A bomb of fresh fruit with a silky texture and assumed bitterness brewed with Citra hops as well as Azacca.

The Sierra Yakima:

Type: American Pale Ale type New

Percentage of alcohol: 5.6

IBU: 80

Hops: Citra and Azzaca


As we lauch our new collaborative beer, the AMBQ launched the #BuvonsMicro movement. A great initiative to encourage beer consumers to choose microbrewery beers produced in Quebec by passionate people! And of course, we strongly support this movement which allows us to continue what we know how to do best, brew good beer.

If you feel like it, here are some tools to support the movement:

-Post to share on your social networks

-List of microbreweries in Quebec

Here are also the beers brewed for the association's 30th anniversary:

AMBQ Depliant Biere30e WEB FB 02 C fdjhfgkfhdk
AMBQ Depliant Biere30e WEB FB 03 C 002

Where is this beer available?

The Sierra Yakima will be available in our next wave of IPA du Nord-Est.

To know the sales points, here is the article that we update for each wave!

Stone Hut: a great beer for a great cause
New creations

Stone Hut: a great beer for a great cause

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