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Au gré des champs: a passion for the outdoors and local products

Home is where the heart is

Des Belles Prairies is an organic farm in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu that’s been in the Gosselin family for three generations. Still, Marie-Pier Gosselin, the family’s eldest, wasn’t always ready to take on the farm. She spent many years exploring other options before studying field-vegetable production and finally returning to her first love: the farm and cheesemaking operation that belongs to her parents. Daniel Gosselin, Marie-Pier’s father and the farm’s current owner, raises his cows using traditional farming methods. He feeds them a diet of grains and hay, free of hormones, silage, and fermented foods. Suzanne Gosselin, Marie-Pier’s mother, handles cheesemaking and sales. The cheese from Au Gré des Champs is made using raw organic milk produced exclusively on the farm.

Marie-Pier Gosselin, the next generation at Des Belles Prairies and Au Gré des Champs, shares Boréale’s passion for the outdoors, local products, and a job well done.

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